Fortnite Players Are Now Opening Their Own In-Game Gas Stations


INTRO: Epic Games added a bunch of latest things to their flagship title, Fortnite with the newest “Joyride” update. Amongst other things, the new update to the sport brought a line of cars for the players to flee “the storm” within the game. So now, players are using this chance to open their own in-game gas stations to refill the cars of their “enemies”.

Now, with the new update, Fortnite players got four new in-game vehicles alongside gas-stations scattered all around the map. So, players can now ride around the map alongside their squadmates. However, when their car runs out of gas, the players got to take the car to the dedicated gas-stations to fill it up again.

So, after the update, many players have opened their own in-game gas stations to assist other players get fun rides in their cars. Now, considering that Fortnite may be a “Battle Royale” which emphasizes gun-fights and violence, it’s good to ascertain players helping other players and being non-toxic.

Fortnite Players Are Opening Their Own In-Game Gas Stations | Beebom

Now, to form the gas stations more authentic, players also are using the game’s construction feature to create drive-in-like housings round the in-game gas stations. So now, enemy players are taking their cars to those drive-in gas stations and using one among the various emotes within the game to point out the “gas station owner” that they have gas.

As a result of this practice, many younger players within the game are beginning to enjoy Fortnite as “enemy” players are coming to their gas stations and not killing them.

“I heard many happy squealing noises coming from my son’s room yesterday. He bought the crash test dummy [skin] and was so happy to be pumping gas for cars in solo. He was super psyched because a bunch of players came and got gas and didn’t kill him. i do know it’s battle royale but I just wanted to mention because of those that do things like this. You made my son’s day!!!”, wrote megareads781 on a Reddit post by another Fortnite who shared a video of him getting gas and essentials from another player’s in-game gasoline station

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