Fortnite to Screen a Christopher Nolan Movie for Free This Summer


INTRO: It is has been a very big festival for all the Fortnite players who all are Christopher Nolan Fans. All the Fortnite could not have asked for anything more when the game premiered the latest trailer of “Tenet”.

Cristopher Nolan Movie To Be Featured For Free

If you are unaware, it is another mind-bending thriller coming from Nolan which is going to be released soon. But, Epic gave the Nolan fans in the Fortnite universe has a joyous chill in their spine after its premiere. They have also announced that they will be streaming a full-length feature film by Cristopher Nolan. The Warner Bros have also released the second trailer of the movie, “Tenet” just recently. The trailer got premiered in the game after the worldwide creative director of Epic Games had a telephonic conversation with Christopher Nolan. You can check out in the trailer we have mentioned below.

Name Of the Movie Still Not Out

After the premiere of the feature film, the games media presenter, Geoff Keighley, has also announced that “Christopher Nolan is bringing one of his iconic films to Fortnite this summer for a full-length free screening for the fans”. This came as one of the best news for all the Nolan fans out there playing the game. But, now the question remains is that– Which “iconic” Nolan movie will it be for the free release? If we think about it, most of the movies Nolan made can be termed as “iconic” movies.

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You can name it in your mind with uncertainty, it can be any one of them like Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy, Dunkirk, Insomnia, Memento, or even this short film, which the genius director had made in past years. If we go by history, then we can personally think that there is a possibility that the game will screen “Dark Knight”. Now, here comes the only opinion, we cannot really confirm it its unsure and doubtful for now. However, it is a pretty iconic movie with Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker.


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