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Framaroot apk :- Rooting arena under android users is very vast. Rooting an Android device is no longer a time taking and difficult task to perform. We all love to use our Android device. Even Today, Android stands on the top of the list of widely used operating systems. Android is an open source project and therefore, many developers and popular brands modify the Stock android firmware according to them, add some awesome features and tweaks. The results we get is Custom ROMs and Modified stock ROMs from different brands for their specific smartphones.

Formally, while choosing to root our Android device, we need to search on the internet a lot about the procedure because firstly Windows PC and root specific applications softwares are need to be installed as well. But, right now there are some awesome application softwares for Android platform are available out there that let the users root their android device without the need of a desktop or laptop.

And, one of them is Framaroot app for Android platform. This rooting application for Android platform is very popular and widely used that has the capability to root most of the android devices with just one click. You don’t need to get yourself enrolled in computer or other third party softwares. Framaroot is a one stop solution to root any android device with just one click.

Therefore, in this article we have featured the complete guide to root android devices with just one click using Framaroot application. You can download the Framaroot application from the before provided link. Moreover, we will guide you that how you can download and install Framaroot app and root your android device as well. Moreover, if you want to revert to non-root condition then the same guide is provided below.

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What is the Framaroot App?

Framaroot app is a third party application software for Android platform. This app is developed especially to root android devices with just one click. Irrespective of any brand’s device you have, you can try Framaroot app to root your android device with just one click. No computer needed, just download and install then click one time root. That’s it. This app is not available to download from Google Play Store. You can download this app from third party sources but download it from only genuine and trustable websites. For the ease, you can download it from below provided link.

Do You Really Need to Root Your Android Device with Framaroot?

There are a good number of benefits enrolled with rooting your android device and using Framaroot app. By gaining root access on your android device you can install custom ROMs, Custom Recovery, Install Xposed Framework, audio mods like Dolby Atoms, tweak system files. Overall, you get full control over your Android device. Rooting an Android phone using Framaroot app is heaven. You don’t need computer, lot of time. Just use the one click root button of Framaroot and chill.

However, there are some drawbacks of rooting an Android phone as well. Your device loss the warranty and if any step followed or executed wrongly then your device will hard brick. Some custom ROMs are even buggy and may brick your device.

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APP Name Farmaroot APK
App Type APK
App Version 1.9.3
App Size 1.25 MB
App Requires Android 1.5+
App License Free
Root App Yes
Available Language English


Here, you can download the Framaroot app for your android device for completely free. Below, we have provided the Framaroot apk v1.9.3 to download. Framaroot app has a total size of approx 1.25 MB. Make sure to have a good working internet connection to download the Framaroot App.

– Enable Unknown Sources


To install Framaroot apk on your android device, you will need to Enable Unknown Sources option in your device’s Settings. Why we are saying this because Framaroot apk is a third party apk and you are try to install it from third party medium.

To enable Unknown Sources option, Open Settings on your device. In settings, scroll down and click on Security option. Here, you will see a toggle of Unknown Sources. This toggle is saying like Allow installation from unknown sources. Simply enable it.

Note:- Rooting your android device will void its warranty. Any step wrongly followed or executed will brick your Android device. We will not be responsible if you brick your device. Therefore, follow this guide carefully.

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Steps to Root Your Android Device Using Framaroot apk

1. First of all, download Framaroot apk v1.9.3 from Download Section.

2. Now, enable Unknown Sources option using above provided guide.

3. Once done, install the downloaded Framaroot app by moving towards the downloaded location.

4. Click on the downloaded apk file then click on Install.

5. Once, the installation is complete, open the Framaroot app.

6. Here, click on the drop down menu.

7. Here, click on Install SuperSU.

8. Now, you have to click on Any Exploit.

9. Have patience, let the app for your android device.

10. Now, pop-up will appear asking that the Superuser and su binary installed.

11. Voila! You have successfully rooted your Android device using Framaroot app.

How to Unroot Your Android Device?

Framaroot app also allow the rooted Android users to unroot their device anytime and anywhere. Unrooting an Android phone using Framaroot app is very easy. Like rooting procedure, you can unroot your android device without need of computer. You can follow below steps to unroot your android device.

1. First of all, open the Framaroot app from your app drawer.

2. Now, click on the drop down menu.

3. Here, you have to click on unroot option.

4. Once clicked, you have to select the exploit that you wish to use.

5. Now, wait for a few moments. This app will unroot your android device automatically.

6. Voila! You have successfully unrooted your Android device.

Few More Words

Here, we have featured the complete guide to download, install Framaroot app and root your android device using Framaroot app. Let us know in the comment section if you have face any problems while following or executing the above guide. We will try our best to solve your queries.

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