Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020 (Funny and Interesting)


Hey! in this article, we are going to discuss the best free games for kids that they can play indoors on their mobile phones. So what are we waiting for! Let’s get started:

In today’s digital world, digital technology has taken a toll over the way kids play games too. Those days are gone when children like to play outside.

Best Free Games for Kids

In today’s world and keeping the present scenario in mind, we must acknowledge the fact that we cannot keep kids chained. Also, we cannot allow them to go outside. So what options are we left with? To resolve all this issue, we have come up with a legit solution. Lets check some best games for your kids:

Sago Mini Friends

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

Let’s begin the list of best free games for kids with an adorable game which is Sago Mini Friends. This is a cute game. And apart from being sweet, it also encourages creativity, skill, and puzzle-solving capacity among the small kids. The game begins with you choosing between sets of an encouraging and colourful character.

After this, the game begins; the character that you have chosen will explore the neighbourhood of cartoon houses. Everything in this game is very bright and colourful. The best part about this game is that it promotes empathy and makes the kid as a person who is full of team spirit. This game works well on both the operating systems that are Android and iOS. Not just this, pc version of this game is also available, which is excellent. This game is ad-free, which is a great relief.


Ludo King

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

Ludo King is one such game that is loved by all the age groups of the society. And, amidst this lockdown, this game has become very much popular. This traditional game has taken a digital form and is very, very easy to play.

Ludo king is available on platforms like Android, IOS and even on your personal computer. This App often shows you add, which helps you in earning more coins. The more coin you earn, the more levels you upgrade. This game helps in boosting the brain of your kids, and the best part is you can also accompany them while the game mode is on.

Apart from this, Ludo King is also one of the highest downloaded games of 2020 so far. So you can blindly rely on this game. Overall, the ludo king is a perfect option to choose from. Specifically, for kids, it can prove out to be one of the best games.

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Tocha Kitchen 2

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

Moving on to the next one, the next name on the table is of Tocha Kitchen 2.if your kid is a regular tablet user; then the chances are quite high that he must be having some Tocha games on his tablet already. Tocha games are a smart mix of education and play. They engage your kids in games, and side by side educate them too. And, Toca Kitchen 2 is no different.

Tocha kitchen 2 is all about cooking. This game is very engaging. It invites you to create meals however you prefer, and it also gives you the liberty to add ingredients of your own. You can devise your recipes, and it also fosters your confidence. All in all, it is an excellent game for kids.


Llama Spit Spit

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

The next name in the list is of Llama Spit Spit. It is an oddball game of shooting up. Llama Spit Spit is really an interesting game. It provides an incredibly helpful and interactive user interface.  The controls of this game are incredibly amazing, and even little kids can handle this without facing many difficulties.

The game is available on both the operating system such as IOS and Android. It is an add free game. And, this is a fantastic platform for the one who has an interest in adventure. Overall this is a perfect game.


Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock is the next name in the list of the best free games for kids. It is a kids game with educational elements embedded in it. It has a voice-over work which has voice auto-tuned like Albert Einstein. This game is not a mini-game. It consists of several mini-games. The execution of this game is extremely outstanding.

But, these games can prove out to be a little complex as well for your kids. As this is a little tricky as you keep moving forward in the game, you will encounter several things that your kid might not be aware of. This game is free, and it can operate on all the versions like Android, IOS, and even on your personal computer.

We hope that the developer soon adds more title in this to make this a little easy and more desirable. I hope we get the best version of this as soon as possible.

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Disney Cross Road

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

Moving into the next one, we have Disney Cross Road. Disney Cross Road is a very cool game for kids. It is very similar to the first cross Road, which has been cleverly reworked with frogger. But Disney Cross Road provides much better characters and graphics.

This game is available in all the versions like you can play it on your iPhone, Android, or even on your personal computer. This game features some ads occasionally, which helps you to buy new characters with the help of IAPs.


Lego Creator Islands

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

The next name on the list of the best free games for kids is of Lego Creator Islands. We are not sure of the fact that whether the parents would like the fact or not that their kids will be playing lego creator islands virtually. But we are not left with any option when the situation is not conducive.

The game begins on the lego creator islands, where the gamer will have to collect bricks to buy lego sets. While playing this game, you would be collecting all types of houses and vehicles. These games strengthen the sportsman spirit inside you and encourage you to do more good in real-life too. Just like sago mini friends, this game is also available for both the operating systems that are Android and iOs. And, the pc version of this game is also available.


Fruit – Ninja

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

The next name in the list of best free games for kids is Fruit Ninja. It helps you to garner things and also strengthens your kids thinking capacity. Not just this, it also sharpens brains of your kids as this is a number game. In fruit Ninja, your number becomes a sword to be specific a virtual sword, and with the help of this, you can hackle pieces of fruit lobbed into the screen in two or three.

It’s highly advisable that you play fruit ninja on your personal computer or tablet as this game is more fun when you play it on a larger screen.

Talking more about this game, this game is available for both ios and Android. Also, this is very easy to play and provides an extremely helpful user interface.


LEGO Games

Top 9 Best Free Games For Kids 2020

Last but not least, the next name in the list is of LEGO Games. It is an excellent game choice for kids. Most of the games available in LEGO games are full of adventure and with varying mechanics. If your kid inclines adventures, then this game is the best option for you.

There are only a few of the users that interact with the existing user. Lest everybody has opted for the new version and has moved forward, overall this is a great game and can prove out to be an excellent choice for your kids.



So, the list was the list of best free games for kids. All the games, as mentioned above, are extremely different from each other. The only common thing about them is every game is delightful and unique.

The diversity and options availability makes a choice easy for you, as it provides a different variety of games. No matter how many options are available for you, eventually, your decision should be based on your liking and disliking.

I hope you like the information mentioned above and do let us know about your opinion regarding the same in the comment section below.


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