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Marvel and DC have gained a lot of new fans with their increased cinematic presence, meaning a boost to the comic book industry as a whole. Unfortunately, visiting your local comic book store can prove expensive. Single issues typically cost $3.99, with milestone issues and variants costing even more. Thankfully, you can save some money by using these sites to read comics online for free. No matter what kind of comics you’re into, you should find them on one of these sites. We have listed some free online comics for you all.

Free Online Comics:

1. Marvel Unlimited For Free Online Comics:

If you’re looking to read comics online you probably know Marvel Unlimited as a paid-for service, and this is largely true. With a monthly or annual subscription, you get access to over 25,000 comics. However, Unlimited offers a taster of series, also giving you the chance to try out its smart panel interface. There’s a good mix of big-name characters and lesser-known heroes so you can explore the Marvel Universe. Of course, you’ll see a lot of Issues 1s, but keep checking because it further features entire miniseries for you to enjoy. This app will help you to read free online comics.

Here is the link to the website from where you can go and read comics.

free online comics

2. DC Kids:

DC is sometimes criticized for lacking the humor and accessibility Marvel is known for. You’ll certainly get this impression if you watch Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy or Tim Burton’s early 1990s Batman films. DC Kids is another website that will help you to read free online comics that even an adult will enjoy reading.

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However, the company’s animations are much loved and heralded. DC Kids is an extension of that, giving youngsters a good entry-point into comics.

free online comics

3. Comixology:

Comixology is one of the best websites from where you can read free online comics. In addition to Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and other industry giants, you’ll find manga, independent releases, and issues from smaller publishers. If you find a series you like, you’ll probably have to pay for the rest of it. But the mobile app provides a great reading experience, so it may be worth the money.

4. DriveThru Comics:

You won’t find the big two here: Marvel and DC are absent from the list of publishers on DriveThru.

However, there’s a large collection of books with a variety of comics that span genres and styles. And you will find Marvel and DC’s bigger competitors, like Valiant Comics, Top Cow, and Aspen Comics.

Most first issues are free, and if you like the series, you can buy subsequent issues from the store. Many of those that aren’t free are available on a pay-what-you-want basis.


5. Amazon Best Sellers For Free Online Comics:

You might not think of Amazon as a good bet for finding free comic books. But there’s a surprising amount of free content available if you know where to look. A good place to start is the Comics and Graphic Novels Best Sellers list.

You can also filter the list by genre on the left of the screen, helping you find the comics you’re interested in.

6. Comic Book Plus For Free Oline Comics:

Established in 2006, Comic Book Plus takes a similar stance to the Digital Comic Museum, showcasing Golden and Silver Age comics that are in the public domain.

Except this site goes above and beyond the call of duty. It’s an archive celebrating the whole genre, meaning it includes a number of features you won’t find elsewhere. There are sections devoted to fanzines, pulp fiction, non-English comics, newspapers and magazines, adverts, booklets, public information posters, and even coloring books.

free online comics

Comic Book Plus is a great resource for comic book fans, graphic designers, and historians. Once you start exploring, it’s incredibly difficult to stop.

Final Verdict:

These were some of the best websites that offer free online comics. You can give it a read and let us know which one you liked the most. Also let us know if you know any other websites too.

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