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If you are a filmmaker then you are very much aware of screenwriting Softwares. You may ask there are lots of scriptwriting Softwares why do you need screenwriting Softwares? If you want to be taken seriously as a screenwriter, you need to follow a standard screenplay format. Screenwriting software takes care of formatting so you can focus on words, characters, and story — the actual creative work of writing. All you need to worry about is crafting compelling scenes. In this article, we will cover some best free screenwriting software that is available in the market.

Free Screenwriting Software:

1. StudioBinder:

Looking for a free, professional screenwriting software you can use right now, no strings attached? StudioBinder free scriptwriting software is the option for any filmmaker or writer. Just sign up (5 seconds) and start writing your screenplay.

It’s intuitive, easy to use, industry-approved, and lets you focus on writing instead of formatting. Plus it’s free, which is why it’s number one on our list. Here is the link to their official website Studiobinder is one of the best free screenwriting software.

free screenwriting software

2. Final Draft 10

Its SmartType function remembers scene elements like characters and locations, which you can reinsert as you write.

Final Draft 10 also includes robust tagging and reporting tools. This means you can break down scene elements (actors, wardrobe, props) to feed into production reports later.

It also includes organizational tools like Story Map (for outlining), Beat Board (for beat sheets) and Alternate Dialogue (for storing additional dialogue options). Other Final Draft 10 features include real-time collaboration, an index card view to aid scene arrangement, over 100 templates, and a mobile version. Considering these reasons, Final Draft comes second in the list of best free Screenwriting software.

free screenwriting software

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3. Movie Magic Screenwriter:

Movie Magic Screenwriter is well-known in the industry of filmmaking and is the preferred screenwriting file format. If you want a high-end screenwriting software used by top names in the business, this is a good choice. Its feature set is powerful, diverse and includes formatting for film, television, plays, books and even comic books. It includes a custom NaviDoc interface, which juxtaposes your script with organizational materials like outlines, scene cards, and more.

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4. Celtx Basic Screenwriting Free Screenwriting Software:

It’s a cloud-based screenwriting tool that has 5 million users. It comes with a wide variety of template formats and you can convert them from one to the other. If you’re working with an existing script, it offers a variety of import formats including PDF, Final Draft, and Microsoft Word documents. Among its other features, Celtx screenwriting integrates with other pre-production tools like call sheets, storyboards, shot lists, and a scheduling solution.

free screenwriting software

5. WriterDust:

As its title suggests, this is a great screenplay writing app for remote writing partners.  But WriterDuet offers more than real-time collaboration. It also includes an in-app chat box and a commenting feature (which can be private or shared). It also has an admirably thorough revision tracking feature, which breaks down script changes by calendar date.


6. Highland The Free Screenwriting Software:

Highland software works with the Fountain file format, a text-based file compatible with several of the best screenwriting software options.  Fountain documents are plain text, so when you write one you don’t fiddle with formatting and can write it anywhere (GoogleDocs, NotePad, etc). That’s where Highland’s free screenplay software comes in. Highland is a formatting tool that takes in the Fountain file and exports it to Final Draft or PDF.

7. Fade In Software:

Fade In is a more affordable alternative to Final Draft and Movie Magic screenwriting software, and comes with many of their features. It offers robust customization tools, so you can very hands-on with the format of your screenplay (including margins, spacing, and the like). It also gives a script breakdown tool, index cards, templates, revision tracking, and reports including cast reports, dialogue reports per character, and more. One really cool Fade In feature is an action-to-dialogue calculator within their script statistic reporting tool.

Final Verdict:

These were some of the best and free screenwriting software. If you are a filmmaker you can try out these tools for scriptwriting. Also, let us know if any of these tools were helpful for you.

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