Games Like Imvu 2020 [Imvu Alternative Ultimate Fun Games]

Games Like Imvu 2020 [Imvu Alternative Ultimate Fun Games]

Hey! Here, in this article, we are going to discuss games that are similar to imvu or games like imvu. How do you pass your time or kill your time and save yourself from getting bored? Most people have different ways of doing it, and most preferably, people like to play games. Gaming is one such thing that is loved by almost everybody.

What is Imvu?

Imvu was established in 2004, and it got immense popularity back then. It is still loved very much by the audience. It is well known for its most significant and most extensive virtual goods catalog of more than 30 million items. All the goods that it provides to its users are fresh.

Need For Alternatives

As days have passed, it has somewhat lost its charm. And, people have started to look out for alternatives. Another reason to look out for other options is that it has colossal traffic sometimes, and the site lags.

Games like imvu

  • Our world
  • Second Life
  • Twinity
  • Habbo
  • Lady Popular
  • Touch
  • WoozWorld
  • Entropia Universe
  • Club Cooee

So, now that we know the names of games that are somewhat exactly to imvu. It is high time for us to go through these games in a bit detail:

Our world

Games Like Imvu

The first name on the list is of Our World. It is another famous virtual world that allows you to play virtual online mini-games. Our World game is just amazing. It just does not let you play games but also do other activities with players, which is fantastic. It is one such game that is entirely worthy of the teenages. This game is being loved by teenagers the most.

This particular game uses the currency called flow to let its user play. Users can earn this flow in different ways. They can either play games, or they can even dance. The coins that you receive can also be traded. Not just this, you can also use microtransactions in this game, which is just amazing.


Second Life

Games Like Imvu

Next up, we have Second life on this list. It is yet another fantastic gaming website holding all the capacity to outshine imvu. It is immensely loved by all the sections of the audience. Linden Lab-created it, and they do not call it a game but a virtual world. One would be surprised to know, but it mimics the real world quite accurately, and this is something amazing.

In this game also you can create your avatars and can do different things. These different things include doing things like socializing, participating in activities, creating your own business, or even selling or buying your virtual property. How cool is that?



Games Like Imvu

The next name on the list is Twinity. It is another excellent game and can outshine games like imuv. Twinity is an axing virtual world in itself. It has also got some fantastic features which are quite advanced. In this game, you can use your very own face and play like a pro. Isn’t this great! Apart from this, you can also do trading in this game.

If you are a millennial or a teenager, there are high chances of yours liking this game. So, what are you waiting for! Get into the explore mode now.



Games Like Imvu

The next name on the list of games like games like imvu is Habbo. It is yet another great game like imvu. It has all the potential to surpass imvu, and we are telling this because of the fantastic features that it has got. Habbo was previously known as Habbo hotel, but later on, its name was changed to Habboo only. If you are from the millennial generation, this is one such term that you surely must have heard of.

Habbo has been able to garner a large section of the audience. There was a time when it had around 5 million unique visitors, which is just amazing. You can also use avatars in this game. The best part about this game is that it allows you to meet people from different parts of the world, which is fantastic. It also has a mobile version for the user’s sake, and this is something amazing.


Lady Popular

Lady Popular

Moving on to the next one, the next name in the list is Lady popular. If you are looking for a virtual world that is extensively and exclusively available only for ladies, then Lady popular is just the place you can hop into. All the avatars in this game are mostly females and therefore dress like one, which attracts a large part of the female audience.

Each player can use the avatar and can also customize it according to their convenience. You can bring changes like changes in makeup and hair color. Another excellent apart is you can also rent apartments and not just this. You can also decorate it and take part in different missions.




Moving on to the next name, next up, we have Touch on our list. It is a fantastic game and its full of fun. It is specifically a dance game, which is just great. If you google dance games, this is one such name that would pop up on the list of yours. They are somewhat similar, and it involves K-pop dancing.

If you are someone who loves to play this game with this generation and with people across the globe, then this game is just for you. It is one of those where you simply have to press some simple buttons to do some simple things like press right if you have to fly through. Just think of a Guitar hero. It is just amazing.



The next name on the list is of WoozWorld. It is yet another fantastic game and can potentially vye to get the position of imuv. It is very much popular among its users because of the mobile version, and it is just amazing. The most simple words can be described as a fashion virtual world, and the games involve a lot of new avatar looks that you can experience. It is just amazing.

This game is mainly designed to keep the younger audience in mind and, most preferably, the teens. If you are a teenager, this game will interest you; you must check it out. This game is just wow.

Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe

Moving into the next one, the next name in the list is of Entropia Universe. It is yet another excellent game. Entropia Universe is just amazing, it holds all the capacity in it to outshine its potential coexisting games like imuv. It is somewhat very much similar to second life but has got more advanced features. It is a fantastic platform with lots of unique features embedded in it.

This game is a bit wild. It is more about hunting, killing, crafting, and mining, it is quite raw. In this game, you can buy things like weapons, arms, and ammunition. That said, you can still open shops to sell in games and socialize like a virtual world.


Club Cooee

Club Cooee

Last but not least, the next name on the list is of Club Cooee. It is an exciting game with more exciting features embedded in it. It is developed by a German company. You can have your avatar in this game and which is customizable, and this is something amazing. Another good thing about this game is that it is elementary to play and has a friendly user interface.

Unlike the other virtual worlds, club cooee is not the open world, and the rooms are pretty small. That said, the whole purpose of this virtual world is to chat with others and build connections.

Final words

So, this was all for this piece of writing. We hope that we were of some help with you. We also hope that now you won’t get yourself in trouble and shall explore all the games mentioned above. If you think there is any name that we missed out on, say the same in the comment section below. Trust us, it would just not be a great help to us but also for the readers present out there.

Nonetheless, we have tried to equip ourselves with different varieties of games like imvu so that you do not get stuck with one. Also, we have discussed these games’ amazing features and its pros and cons to help you to get broader exposure. So, what are you waiting for! Hope on these games now and kill your boredom. Happy Gaming ☺

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