Best Garage Sale App That You Might Find Helpful

garage sale app

Yard and garage sales are real-world activities. It makes them a little hard to find with apps or through technological means. Plus, neighborhoods have massive yard sale days and you can usually find local info on that. However, there are a few apps to help either promote your yard sale or find one. Here are the best yard sale apps and garage sale app for Android!

Garage Sale App That You Should Try:

1. CPlus for Craigslist

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

CPlus for Craigslist is one of a couple of decent Craigslist apps. This one lets you search for everything from yard sales to job listings and everything between. It uses geolocation to help you find nearby cities and there are also multiple display modes for various types of surfing. You can easily search for yard sales and find other, similar types of sales from the app. The free version contains ads, but you can buy the pro version to remove them. It’s a handy tool for garage sale fans. Download from Google Play. This is one of the best garage sale app.

garage sale app

2. Garage Sale Map

Price: Free / Varies

Garage Sale Map is a garage sale app specifically for garage sales. You can both post and find garage sales from the app. Those hosting garage sales can even pay a few bucks to advertise their yard sale to people in their area. This garage sale app uses a variety of aggregate sites, including,,, and several others. It boasts around 70,000-yard sales at any given time along with photos, directions, and you can filter by the day of the week. The app had some issues early on, but current reviews seem to give it a big thumbs up and it worked fine in our testing.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Price: Free

Facebook Marketplace is a bit of an obvious pick but it works a lot like Craigslist. People post up information about upcoming yard sales and you can get directions, ask for more information, and see what’s available directly from the app. It’s not quite as vibrant of a garage sale community as Craigslist or dedicated yard sale apps. However, Facebook is super popular so it’s not a bad idea to post a garage sale there every now and then. Facebook can be a good choice as an alternative to your garage sale app.

garage sale app

4. Postings

Price: Free / Up to $2.99

Postings is another competent Craigslist app. It works quite well in almost any Craigslist situation. You can browse for things on sale, find garage sales, or even browse the rest of the site with relative ease. The app’s UI helps condense Craigslist down into something a little more legible than its mobile website and the search function is pretty good as well. You can even change the layout to one that works best for you. The free version has ads but they’re fairly manageable.

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5. Yard Sale Treasure Map Garage Sale App

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Yard Sale Treasure Map is actually a really good app for yard sale fans. It sources Craigslist yard sales and puts them all on a map for you. This removes the process of searching for them in an app or on the mobile site. You can search by day, location, distance, and items for sale. Additionally, you can find times the sales are happening and you can even plan a route if you plan on hitting multiple sales. We think the app could use a few more features, but it’s honestly fine the way it is if the developers want to leave it that way.

garage sale app

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Final Verdict:

In this article, we have discussed the top 5 garage sale apps that you can use. You can use their free or paid versions depending on your purpose. Let us know if you know more apps that will be helpful in garage selling.

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