Gboard Beta Adds Dedicated Bitmoji Tab on Android


INTRO: In what appears to be an effort to extend the utilization of Bitmoji, Google has added a fanatical section for Bitmoji in Gboard beta. The Bitmoji tab is present in between the emoji tab and therefore the sticker tab. Bitmoji was previously accessible through the sticker tab.

When you switch to the Bitmoji tab, you will either see Bitmojis if you have the Bitmoji app installed or Google will prompt you to install the Bitmoji app from the Play Store. However, if you don’t want to use Bitmoji, you’re out of luck. There’s no way to disable this tab, at least for now.

Gboard will nudge you to install the Bitmoji app in new test

From what I can see, Gboard users aren’t proud of this new change. While people who religiously use Bitmoji will find this handy, there is a vast majority of Gboard users who don’t want these additional third-party integrations they never signed up for.

Right now, this dedicated Bitmoji tab is present in Gboard beta 9.8. Strangely, it was live when I started to write the article as you can see in the screenshot above but disappeared automatically in a few minutes. After clearing the data and restarting the app, however, the tab popped up again. The company is probably making server-side changes to test and gain feedback before making a wider rollout to all users.

If Google is getting to push this to all or any users, a toggle to disable this tab is going to be much appreciated for those that aren’t curious about using Bitmojis. If you’re someone who uses Gboard, allow us to know your thoughts on this integration within the comments section below.


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