GBWhatsApp APK Download Now Latest Version 2019

GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp will help you to hide the blue ticks and the double ticks. Which means even you read the message sent to you the other person is not going to know about it.This is said to be the most used and love feature on this application. GBWhatsApp allows you to copy status. How cool is that! You would be able to copy your favorite status from your contacts on the go.This is said to be the best and the highest rated feature of GbWhatsapp. WhatsApp has only limited emoji support and so does there users. But if you will be using GBWhatsApp then you would be having more emoji’s to send to your friends and contacts.

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If you use GBWhatsApp then you are going to get the feature of Auto Replying. You can set auto-replies in GBWhatsApp apk. Using GBWhatsApp indirectly means that you are using a cooler version of WhatsApp which will be available for others in the future. You will experience the feeling of an advanced WhatsApp application beta tester.

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK (Step by Step Guide)

Here is the process of downloading and installing the Gbwhatsapp app in your phone.

Step 1: Change the Unknown Sources Settings. Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Download and Install GBWhatsApp Apk

Step 3: Verify the OTP

Step 5: Enjoy the GBWhatsApp application.


Now download GBWhatsApp using the following steps shown in this article. If you will follow these steps then you would be able to download GBWhatsApp successfully.

In this article, we have already had a brief introduction on Gbwhatsapp, and the features and install/download process of the application. You should be using GBWhatsApp in order to use more features of WhatsApp. There are plenty of extra features of GBWhatsApp compared to the WhatsApp And using GBWhatsApp will give you more freedom compared to the other original WhatsApp users. You will also feel cool if you will use one of the best-modded applications of WhatsApp.

So now you know everything about how to download GBWhatsApp. Therefore, just go and download the GBWhatsApp apk for free. Thank you for being such a kind reader and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite points or if your favorite point is mentioned above via comments/email.

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