How to Get Android O Type Notification Dots on Any Android Device [No Root]


The latest Android version; O has bunch of amazing features such as, Quick Toggles, Smart Text, Picture in Picture, Notification Dots and a lot more. Today, we are demonstrating, how to get Android O type Notification Dots on any Android device. Notification Dots are small dots which can be seen over your apps whenever a new message or notification arrives.

Google has released the beta program where you can enroll to get the Android O on your Pixel and Nexus devices and of course, you can enjoy this feature there.

Unfortunately, if you don’t own a Pixel or Nexus device, you could wait for the update to get Android O like Notification Dots or just follow below steps to get the same in any Android device.

1. Install Nova Launcher Prime From Google Play Store

In order to get the feature, you need to install a third-party app called Nova Launcher. Don’t be afraid to install this, as it’s one of the best launcher available on the Google Play Store.

Before you go ahead, do remember that this apps comes in two version, one if free and another is paid. Here, you need to install the paid version of the application which costs you around $2.35 (Rs 150 approx.).

This app always try to bring all features of latest Android version, like they did at the time of Nougat. Now, it’s time for O and they are working hard to include these features.

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2. Join Beta Program and Install the Beta Update

how to get Android O type Notification Dot on any Android

After you have installed the app in your smartphone, then you need to join the beta program, in order to get Notification Dots feature.

To do so, go to the Google Play Store, search for Nova Launcher Prime, scroll down to the end and tap on I’M IN to become a beta tester of the app.

Now, reboot your phone and update the application. That’s it.

Alternatively, if you’re not in mood to follow this long process, open Nova Settings then Scroll down and click on Check for updates, install the beta apk and that’s it.

Just download the beta apk from here, if you hate all the above mentioned process.

3. Enable Notification Dots in Your Android

how to get Android O type Notification Dots on Any Android device

Once all the above steps are done, you now just need to set the launcher as default launcher and then follow below steps.

  • Go to “Nova Settings“.
  • Scroll little bit down and tap on “Notification Badges“.
  • Select the “Dots” option and that’s it.
  • Choose the size of the Notification Dot (Recommended: Large).
  • You can also change position of the dot.

For instance, if you want to get all features of Android O in any Android device, the you should have to wait for the Nova Launcher updates or the O update on your phone.

Feeling Lucky After Getting Notification Dot Feature on Your Android?

how to get Android O type Notification Dot on Any Android device

Android O update will make your device stunning with the excellent features it has. Although, if you’re using an old device which isn’t going to get that update in future, you should need to follow our tips & tricks to get all those essential features on various smartphones. We will be soon coming up with more tips & tricks to get Android O features on your Android without having the update.

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