Get Google Assistant On Any Android Device Without Root [Step by Step Guide]

How to get google assistant on any Android device without root

If you know what is Google Assistant, then you will surely fall love with it, yes, I’m not lying. This Assistant can do pretty exciting things in your voice command and it’s exclusively available for only Google Pixel devices. Fortunately, we got a way by which you can get Google Assistant on any Android device without root.

Yes, we know you have surpassed through couple of YouTube videos preferring you to root your device or something like that. In this way, you don’t even need yo root your phone.

Important: This is working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Mi Max (Not working on Note 3). That’s all devices name on which I have tested this.

Requirement: Your phone should be at least running on 5.0 Android version which is Lollipop. Obviously, phones with higher version will get it too.

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How to Get Google Assistant on any Android device without root?

“Okay, I understand that I don’t need to root my phone, but what’s the procedure. Is that very buggy?”, Absolutely NO. This way it works is pretty simple like how you install a apk file on your Android device.

Obviously, you are not going to get this app listed on Google Play Store. You need to download a apk file and then follow the below procedure to install it.

1) To get Google Assistant, firstly Install Google Alpha here (File Size: 48.62MB).

2) Once downloaded, then tap on the install icon.

Note: If you have blocked unknown sources to install in your device then head over to the settings and turn it on. You will be automatically prompted to that page where you have to turn on that option.

3) Once allowed, tap on the install icon and wait till it to be installed in your phone.

4) That’s it! Now it’s time to use Google Assistant using below method.

How to Open and Setup Google Assistant on your non-rooted Android?

You have installed Google apk not assistant, so if you try to find out an application to access Google Assistant, it’s not going on. There’s a dedicated way mentioned below to open Google Assistant.

1) Press hold the home button of your smartphone till the line comes out “New! You just got the Google Assistant“.

2) Hit on the continue button located in right bottom.

3) In next few moments, Google Assistant will tell how to launch it at the time you want this to be. Tap on continue again.

4) Now, give permission to the app by hitting “Yes, I’m in“.

5) Once done, it will be launched first time & tell you some basics of it.

6) No step now! It’s time to enjoy Google Assistant.

Hope you all will Get Google Assistant on any Android device without root

That’s all guys what we did to Get Google Assistant on our Android devices. If you’re getting any trouble using this then do comments below, we love to help you guys if we can.

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