Get a Mask of Your Favourite Disney Character While Donating to Fight COVID-19

Disney Sells Character Face Masks for Charity Credit: Disney

INTRO: As due to the situation of the current global pandemic rages throughout the world, masks have become a priority for people when out in public, as per the CDC’s recommendation. We have seen companies like Uber, TikTok, and many others donate masks for the frontliners to fight COV-19.

Disney Brings New Masks with Different Disney Character prints

Disney Introduces Cloth Face Masks Featuring Disney, Pixar, Marvel ...

Now, Disney has announced its new range of masks that come with your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars characters imprinted on them. And by buying these, you will be donating your contribution to the current fight against the Novel Coronavirus.

Non-Surgical and Non-Industrial Cloth Face Masks

The new non-surgical and non-industrial cloth face masks from Disney come in varied sizes-small, medium, and large. These also feature many fan-favorite Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Woody and Buzz, Anna and Elsa, The Avengers, and even Baby Yoda.

Edward Park who is the senior vice president of Disney store and Shop Disney said that :

“ We are hoping that Disney’s cloth face masks which are featuring some of our most beloved Disney characters which will provide total comfort to the families, fans, and all the communities that are so important to us.”

Now, everything apart from donating one million cloth face masks too many of the children and families who are living in the underserved communities through humanitarian aid organization, MedShare, Disney will also be going to donate all the profits from the new ranges of masks in the US all throughout the September 30, up to $1 million to MedShare.

“ The Disney’s donations will make a tremendous impact in the communities we serve,” stated the CEO and President of MedShare, Charles Redding.

The Disney masks come in packs of 4 and cost $19.99 per pack. These are currently up for pre-order on and is expected to ship in June.


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