Get this Bundle of Over 700 Games for Just $5 and Help Fight Racial Injustice


INTRO: The ongoing protests have to end in systematic racism are raging across the globe and if you are wondering how you can join along with it, there’s yet another way to do so. The ‘Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality’ is now available on It comprises of over 700 indie games is available for a minimum donation of $5. Has Introduced a New Bundle of Indie Games

The bundle includes all the popular and critically acclaimed indie games such as Oxenfree, Night in the Woods, Overland, Super Hexagon, Wide Ocean Big Jacket, Glittermitten Grove, Catlateral Damage, Quadrilateral Cowboy, and others. If you buy these games individually, you will shell out almost $3,500. So, you should definitely get the bundle right away. Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality includes over 700 ...

$5 is The Minimum Donation You Can Donate

Just remember this in mind that the $5 donation required is the minimum you can donate. If this is possible, you should donate more than that amount. In fact, even if you donate a lot more than the $5 minimum, you will still be saving a considerably large amount of money while helping the fight against racial discrimination in the world.

This Bundle Has Raised $2.3 Million Donation Till Now

As of this writing, the bundle has for now raised $2.3 million already. The money raised by will be donated equally between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the Community Bail Fund.

Apart from that, if you are looking for more ways to help the movement, you should head over to this link. If you are a developer looking to add your project to the bundle, you can contact using this link. The Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality will be available till 15th June, so hurry up.

Buy the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality at this ($5 minimum)


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