Gift Idea For Gamers That Will Make Them Happy Instantly

Gift Idea For Gamers

Every year millions of gamers wake up on Christmas morning only to find their stockings stuffed with gifts that have no place other than the bottom of a bargain bin. So here are some Gift Idea For Gamers.

Need to buy a gift for a gamer kid? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered too. We have a special kids gift guide to browse through, and even a list of the best games released this year that any gamer would be happy to find in their stocking.

So, lets dive right into the perfect list of cool gifts for gamers they will surely love and appreciate!

Games will surely be the first thing that comes to mind – But choosing a game to get as a gift for a gamer boyfriend/girlfriend is a daunting task. Not only because the game needs to be something they like, but also something they don’t own yet.

Games can be brilliant and truly unique Christmas presents for gamers, with each game acting as a personalized memento from the gift giver. Plus, if you time it right you can even save money on your gift by looking through the Steam Christmas sale!

If you want to make sure that the game you choose to gift is a unique Christmas gift for sure, then always have a look at their Steam or Amazon wishlist to find out what games they are pining for at Christmas, or even check their Steam account to make sure they don’t own the game already!

Their wishlist should be loaded with all the games they want and should give you many choices to choose from – and on Steam you can even make sure that they don’t own the game yet!

Gaming Peripherals: Gift Idea For Gamers

Computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones, and even monitors, are among the items that will definitely improve a gamer’s experience.

However, choosing one as the perfect Christmas gift won’t be easy, especially if you don’t know which specs are best for these peripherals. This is why we narrowed down the best for these respective peripherals below.


Monitors might be a bit more expensive than other conventional gifts for PC gamers, but if you really love the person you’re buying for, they could be a great idea. We have a great article on the best PC Gaming Monitors available, but for a gift, we would suggest the ASUS ROG Swift, the Acer Predator, the BenQ SW2700PT, the Asus VG245H, or the Acer XB321HK.


Everyone knows what a keyboard is, but we aren’t just talking about any keyboards here, we’re talking gaming keyboards.

If the gamer you are buying for doesn’t have a mechanical keyboard, then they are definitely going to thank you. They are the perfect Christmas gift for gamers, with LED lights, more responsive keys and even a better design when it comes to gaming.

For a more in-depth review on some of the best keyboards available today, check out our page here – otherwise, we think that  these keyboards would make the perfect Christmas gift for gamers this year


If the person you are buying for already owns, or will be receiving a top-quality keyboard for Christmas, then the chances are that they will want to receive a proper gaming mouse as well.

Gift Idea For Gamers

Gaming mice are specifically designed to offer the best experience and control when gaming, so to give one as a gamer gift for Christmas is a great idea.

In fact, there are so many designs that if you are buying a Christmas gift for your gamer girlfriend/boyfriend, you could always look into matching or corresponding mice for when you play!

Check out our full reviews of the best gaming mice of 2019 right here, but for a Christmas gift, we strongly recommend the following gaming mice!

Gift Idea For Gamers Gaming Headsets:

Quality headsets are invaluable when it comes to gaming, as proper audio quality provides a real advantage when gaming – especially competitively. Games like CS: GO, Rainbow 6 Siege, Fortnite and more all expect players to take their audio seriously, and it can provide a huge edge in gameplay.

This makes a gaming headset the perfect Christmas gift – especially if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a teenager that might help to keep their noise down!

Gaming Chairs

Sitting for hours on end can be uncomfortable as anybody in a desk job knows – which is why it’s surely worth considering upgrading to a gaming chair!

Gaming chairs are a brilliant Christmas present idea for gamers, as they provide a value that the gamer in your life might not have even considered yet! Check out our full article on gaming chairs to learn why we endorse them and find out our top gaming chair picks here!

There are tons of options when it comes to gaming chairs, but if you are trying to buy that perfect Christmas present then we strongly suggest Secretlab or Noblechairs.

Gift Idea For Gamers VR Headset 

Virtual reality is tipped to be the future of gaming, and if you have a VR capable gaming PC, you will know that it can take gaming to an entirely new level. There are three prominent VR headsets on the market right now – and each would make a brilliant Christmas gift idea for a gamer!


Controllers are among the best, easiest gifts you can give to a gamer. Even if they play games using the conventional keyboard and mouse combo, there are games that are just better off played using a console controller– like racing and fighting games.

Even if they play on a PC, there are plenty of ways to connect a controller to your PC, so make sure that you consider a controller as a Christmas present for the gamer in your life this year.

Gaming Accessories Gift Idea For Gamers

If you would like to buy a more affordable gamer gift, then look no further than some of the most popular gaming accessories on the market today.

Gift Idea For Gamers

Gaming accessories are great Christmas gift ideas, they help to improve gamer’s experiences, they look good and they are cheaper than a lot of other gamer essentials on this list!

If you’re looking for a more affordable list of gifts for gamers, there are a handful of gaming accessories they will surely love.

Here are just a few Gaming Accessories That We Recommend:

Gaming Mouse Pads

What’s a gaming mouse without a gaming mousepad? There are plenty of gaming mousepads out there to enjoy, and they make the perfect Christmas gift to a gamer thanks to their ability to pair well with the extra powerful sensors on a gaming mouse.

Mouse Bungee

Whats a mouse bungee you ask? Well, it holds the mouse’s cord off of the desk so that it doesn’t get caught on things, or fray over time. Mouse bungees are generally aimed at hardcore gamers, although others might find it useful.


And there you have it! We hope our list of the best gifts for gamers has been helpful to you, and that we lent some assistance in giving you ideas for the perfect christmas gift for the gamers in your life!

Which among the items on our list did you pick as a gift for your loved one (or yourself)? Are there any other great gift ideas you have that we should include? Tell us down the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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