Gmail vs Yahoo Mail – Which One is better ?

Gmail vs Yahoo

In today’s time, we are incomplete without having our individual email ID. Email is one of the best medium to get in touch with our friends and relatives, to get contact with businesses. Right now, e-mails are the primary part of any business organization. Therefore, if you are willing to get an email ID either for personal use or for business use then it is very important to get a clear cut picture of best email platform. What are the pros and cons of some best email platforms.

Gmail vs Yahoo Mail — Which One is Better?

There are mainly two email platforms are being widely used. Both platform offers best email services, features and functions to users. Still, nothing is perfect in life. If there is something missing in the first one then the other one will give the best output with the required features. Amazingly, if the second one is lacking with some features or functions than the first one is going to fill the gap.

As already said, both Gmail and Yahoo Mail are the best email platforms you can try. If you are a newbie or already using one of the Gmail or Yahoo Mail service from the long time then you must know the difference between the two services and upgrade to the best one if not using the same.

In the article, we are going to talk about strengths and weaknesses of both Gmail and Yahoo Mail. We have illustrated the difference between both the services in the below guide with reference of some aspects like flexibility with attachments, size of attachments, integration of IM and Email, Folder organisation and brand impact. Therefore, we recommend all our readers to give a complete reading to the below article to get every detailed information and updates.

1. Flexibility with Attachments

Like any other communication means, we also require attachments such as files, documents, images, videos, audio etc. while sending e-mail to someone. Attachment adding is the core assistance for any business. As, our typed statements gets strong while also sending attachments with that. Thus, this is a key point to keep in mind before selecting between Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

When it comes to adding attachments feature with Gmail, users can easily attach any files just by browsing and selecting the required file. Moreover, users can also send as many attachments as needed. On the other hand, Yahoo Mail has an attachment limit of only five files. Not only that you also need to head over to another screen to put attachments. Therefore, for the ease of selecting and sending attachments, Gmail conquers over Yahoo Mail.

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2. Size of Attachments

After discussing the best option to add attachments while emailing to someone, it is also important to know the maximum size of attachments both emailing platforms i.e. Gmail and Yahoo Mail supports. Gmail let you send as many attachments as you can. However, there is a limit of size of attachments you can send to your friends, family and colleagues. Gmail allows up to 20 MB of files for attachment on its free version.

On the other side, Yahoo Mail only allow users to send maximum of 10 MB of files to get attached with the mail on its free version. Therefore, if you are not a user then used to send more than 20 MB of attachments then you can look for Gmail because Gmail is offering more size of files to get attached with the mail than Yahoo Mail. Therefore, in this aspect, Gmail is a clear winner.

3. Integration of IM and Email

One of the most important aspect to study while selecting between Gmail and Yahoo Mail is integration of IM and Email. Let me declare that Gmail is again a winner over Yahoo Mail when it comes to integration of IM and Email. Using Yahoo Mail may be look annoying for someone such that Yahoo Mail has IM. Users cannot send quick chat messages in the form of emails to family, contacts and friends on Yahoo. To get it, you have to go through a new chat bar. Therefore, it may not fit to all users.

On the order hand, Gmail users can send quick chat messages very easily. Therefore, we can say that Gmail is more preferable than Yahoo Mail.

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4. Folder Organization

When it comes to have the best folder organization comfort, Yahoo Mail stands at the top over Gmail. Yahoo Mail offers the best Folder Creation and Organization feature. If you like to organize numerous folders than nothing is better for you than Folder Organization. With Yahoo Mail users can easily label and organise folders efficiently. On the other hand, Gmail allows users to label folders. In this scenario, approximately all your folders are kept in the same area. While doing so, it becomes difficult for making organization with numerous folders.

5. Brand Impact

Brand impact is a major aspect to keep in mind while dealing with Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Mostly emails are being used in professionalism. For businesses, emails are the major source for communication with clients, colleagues, employees, teams etc. Thus, the opted email service should be professional looking and adequate. Not only that, the email service should have a clean and simple user-friendly interface.

Therefore, keeping this points in mind, we can say Gmail is better than Yahoo Mail. If you have already used both the services then you will find Gmail much better professional looking than Yahoo Mail. That’s why, most of the business places, Gmail can be found.

So, Which should You choose?

Here, above we have discussed the best email platform or you can say that we have compared Yahoo Mail and Gmail. We have differentiated both with five major aspects like flexibility with attachments, size of attachments, integration of IM and Email, Folder Organization and brand impact. In all these aspects except Folder Organization, Gmail wins. Therefore, we have a final decision that Gmail is a much better option than Yahoo Mail.

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