Google Action Blocks Updated With Dark Mode, Vibration and More


INTRO: Google is rolling out a variety of visual changes to its ‘Action Blocks’ app that permits people to feature Google Assistant shortcuts to their smartphone home screen. the most important new change is the addition of a Dark Mode that not only applies to the app itself, but also to the widgets. consistent with 9to5Google, each widget’s background can now switch from white to dark gray counting on the system theme. before today’s update, the icons were always displayed against a white background.

Google updates Action Blocks with dark theme, vibration - 9to5Google

In terms of functionality, the sole new feature may be a ‘vibration’ option that permits users to make a decision whether or not they want their device to vibrate when an Action Block is activated. The app now also comes with toggles to enable or disable certain options. Other changes are relatively minor aesthetic tweaks, including rounder corners for the widget blocks and accompanying icons for all menu items. Finally, version 1.1.330008038 also adds support for Japanese, German, Italian, French and Spanish. The update is currently rolling out on the Play Store and will be available for all compatible devices.

In case you don’t realize it already, Action Blocks may be a standalone Android app that uses the Google Assistant to form it easier for people to use smartphones and tablets. Designed for people with cognitive disabilities, and released alongside a few of other accessibility features, it enables users to feature Assistant commands to their Android homescreen with an accompanying image within the sort of a widget. One can then tap on the widget to trigger the specified action, like placing a call or playing music. The app is compatible with Google app version 10.73 and better , running on devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop and better .

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