Google Announces New Snapshot Features for Android


INTRO: If you employ the Assistant Snapshot feature on your smartphone tons, this is often something you’ll be glad about. Google has announced a bunch of latest features coming to Assistant Snapshot on Android, including a neater thanks to accessing the snapshot within the first place.

Google To Bring Assistant Snapshot on Android

Up so far, accessing Assistant Snapshot meant launching Google Assistant and tapping on the inbox icon within the bottom left. Now, you’ll simply use the command ‘Hey Google, show me my day’. this may automatically crop up your Assistant Snapshot; no tapping required.

Apart from that, a few of the latest things are coming to Assistant Snapshot within the near future. you’ll soon be ready to use any upcoming birthdays and holidays within the snapshot. In fact, you’ll even be ready to tap on the birthday reminder to urge suggested actions. These are going to be things like calling the person or sending them a message. Moreover, the Snapshot will adjust consistently with the time of day and the way you interact with the Assistant, making it more proactive.

Adding recommendations for recipes, podcasts & More

Moreover, Google is adding recommendations for recipes, podcasts, and nearby restaurants to Assistant Snapshots. These recommendations are going to be supported by your habits and what you wish and can be tailored to you.

The new voice command for launching Assistant Snapshots is live already for users who have set their Assistant language to English. Google is additionally saying that the feature is going to be unrolled for users who produce other default languages for his or her assistants.

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