Google Is Apparently Working On A Minimal GBoard Design

Google Apparently Working Minimal GBoard Design

GBoard was incepted in the year 2016. Since then, Google has made many changes to its Board for its efficiency. Google Apparently Working Minimal GBoard Design.

Recent Reports:

Recent reports say Google is working on its Board and making it more minimalistic. Minimalistic Boards will help users to work with ease. After the whole “Google logo on space bar” fiasco, the company is now looking forward to making up for that.

Google Apparently Working Minimal GBoard Design

Google might be working to give the Gboard a flatter and minimal look in the future says app-reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong.

Jane is actually a kind of hacker who reverses- engineers apps. She finds out security issues, vulnerabilities of those apps. She also finds out new recent features added to the app. In a recent tweet, she shared some pictures showcasing the new look of the Google-made keyboard app.

Google Apparently Working Minimal GBoard Design

Google Apparently Working Minimal GBoard Design – Changes Made To GBoard:

At first, it may look similar to that of the previous old GBoard. But if you look closely, you will notice the small changes made to the Google Keyboard. The buttons are much flatter than the recent buttons on the keyboard. Apart from this, it appears that Google made the toolbar above the keyboard much more compact. There is an option in the settings menu, you can turn off the key borders whenever you want. When all of these changes come together, a user will get a much more minimalistic design of the Gboard.

Only some images are been leaked. There is no such information about the latest minimalistic Google Keyboard any more. There is no information on a release date.

We don’t even know if this design will be coming to the keyboard or not. The best we can do is wait for the company to release official notes regarding the minimalistic design of Google Keyboard.

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