Google Assistant Can Now Open Stadia Games on Android and Chromebooks


INTRO: According to the reports the google assistant will be launching Google Stadia games on Android phones and Chromebooks very soon. The feature is currently under the testing stage and is not widely available just yet.

Google Stadia Games to be launched in Android & Chromebooks

Google Assistant can launch Stadia on Android, Chromebook - 9to5Google

With this addition, users can directly get into a Stadia game via Google Assistant using the “OK Google or Hey Google” hotword and saying “Play [Google Stadia game]”. If you are living in a region with Google Stadia support and own one of the Google Stadia supported phones, this might come in handy to jump right into the game without having to perform manual searches. To make it all better, Google is testing to bring support for the feature on Chromebooks as well. As pointed out by 9to5Google, some users are getting the feature on Chromebooks but it only seems to work when it is being accessed through the Launcher key.

The New Feature is currently in Testing Stage

The thing to be noticed is that the feature appears to be pretty limited to the games that you have already purchased and are currently present in your Stadia Library. That means, if you’re planning to check out a new Stadia game using Google Assistant, it will probably give you a lead you have to search results related to the game. With all of that said, we have to keep in mind that the feature is currently under A/B testing in typical Google fashion and it might take a while to see the new changes and updates to reflect on your compatible devices.

By adding the other minor convenient additions like this, the company strives to provide a seamless experience to its users. With the free tier finally being available in it and the advent of one of the popular battle royales PUBG, Google Stadia continues expanding its userbase and titles to attract new users to the platform.


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