Google Assistant Now Supports 6 New Smart Home Device Types


INTRO: Google has expanded Google Assistant support to a plethora of smart home hardware today. The expansion follows an identical move for smart home entertainment devices in April this year.

Google Assistant Now Supports 6 New Smart Home Devices | Beebom

According to reports from Google Developers Blog, all the new device types are getting Google Assistant support are as follows:

  • Audio-video receiver
  • Streaming box
  • Streaming stick
  • Soundbar
  • Streaming soundbar
  • Speaker

“These new device types help build out a more complete solution for smart home media and gaming devices. By implementing all of these types and traits on your entertainment devices, you’ll enable users to completely access device and media controls from any Assistant surface,” wrote Google’s Toni Klopfenstein in a blog post.

If you’re a developer, you may check out Google’s documentation and samples to learn how to implement these new features. Thanks to this public documentation, more developers from different companies can get on board to form their products compatible with Assistant, which successively improves the experience of end-users.

Alongside, Google is additionally launching a replacement trait (command) it calls Channel. As the name suggests, Channel lets Google Assistant identify user’s commands to vary TV channels.

“The available channels should be shared as an inventory, per-user or device, during SYNC via the available channels attribute. This whole of the list should comprise of all top or popular channels that the user or device is subscribed to. To ensure a coffee query latency, we recommend that you simply keep the channel list small (to 30 channels or less),” reads the rule for developers from Google Assistant.

We could expect Google to reveal more plans it’s for Assistant and Smart Homes generally tomorrow at ‘Hey Google’ Smart Home Summit. Stay tuned for updates.

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