Google’s Autofill Now Supports Biometric Authentication on Android


INTRO: Google is rolling out biometric authentication support for its Autofill service on Android through a server-side update to Play Services. With this alteration, you’ll be asked to verify your identity through fingerprint or face unlock to autofill passwords on supported applications.

To enable this feature, attend Settings -> Google -> Auto-fill -> Auto-fill with Google -> Auto-fill Security. Once you open it, there’ll be a ‘Credentials’ toggle under the ‘Use Biometrics’ section. Switch the toggle and you’re ready to use the feature.

In case the feature is non-functional even after switching the toggle, make Google the default auto-fill service from Settings -> System -> Languages & Input -> Auto-fill service. If you’re not employing a dedicated password manager, the default auto-fill service will probably be Google.

google auto-fill biometric auth

The implementation also takes advantage of the BiometricPrompt API on Android 10+ devices and hence, it should work with face unlock on Pixel 4 series and iris scanner on supported Samsung devices.

Biometric authentication is one of the essential security measures of an auto-fill service and it took all this while for Google to implement it. If you’re still using Google’s auto-fill rather than a password manager, this feature should are available handy to feature a further layer of security. The news comes at a time when Google is additionally working to roll out biometric identification for payments on Android and desktop via its Chrome browser.

From what it’s like, The company is widely rolling out the feature. Android Police spotted the existence of the feature on Google Play Services 20.33.13 and 20.26.14. It is available on my device with Play Services beta 20.26.14 too. If you’re not seeing it, you should hopefully be getting it in the coming days.

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