Google Chrome for Android Gets Improved Autofill Options


INTRO: The search engine giant Google is working on new autofill options for its Chrome web browser on Android. It is to be believed to have been originally noticed by ChromeStory, the new UI will enable users to easily choose from stored e-mail IDs, usernames, passwords, and payment methods (card numbers, etc). The feature is currently available in the Dev and Canary channels on Android.

Google Is Working On Autofill Options

Google Chrome with all the new UI, whenever the users are filling out a form, Chrome will display all the three additional icons to choose autofill options alongside with it. The first one is the lock symbol, which is for passwords, while the card icon is for payment methods. The final one is the location icon, and it is for the saved addresses. With the new options, the ‘smart’ auto-fill bar should make it easier for users to fill in online forms.

Do note that there’s no official word from Google as to when we can expect the new UI to go live on the stable channel. However, it is available in Chrome Dev 85. So there’s a good chance that it might be rolled out with Chrome v85, set to release in August.

Google Chrome Is Also Redesigning Its Setting Menu

Google Chrome is one of the most-used web-browsers across desktops and mobiles across the globe. Only last week, data from Net Applications suggested that its market share on desktops is at an all high of 69.8%. However, its growing popularity doesn’t mean that Google is slowing down new feature additions and other improvements. The browser in the last month started rolling out new privacy tools and a redesigned ‘Settings’ menu on the desktop. What’s more, recent reports also suggested that users will soon be able to download edited PDF files using Chrome.


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