Google Duo May Get Discontinued in Favor of Google Meet


INTRO: Google is reportedly getting to discontinue its video calling app Duo in favor of Meet, which has grown rapidly in wake of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s consistent with a replacement report on 9to5Google citing sources conversant in the matter.

According to the report, Google’s decision to end Duo is a component of the company’s bigger plans of unifying messaging and communication apps under G Suite VP Javier Soltero. Soltero allegedly informed employees that Duo and Meet co-existing doesn’t add up .

Going by the report, Google will merge Duo and Meet. The effort to try to to so is internally codenamed Duet. Before entirely discontinuing Duo, Google will reportedly bring several key features of Duo to satisfy , including end-to-end encryption, telephone number support, and 3D effects.

The transition, however, isn’t expected within the near future. As per 9to5Google‘s sources, the software giant could take up to 2 years to sunset Duo. If this happens actually , Google Duo will become yet one more chapter in Google’s infamous book of discontinuing successful products and merging it with less interesting ones, just like it did with Inbox by Gmail.

“We’re fully invested in Duo, which has seen astonishing growth during the pandemic. People round the world are counting on video calling quite ever, and that we haven’t any plans to interrupt that. We’ll still invest in building new Duo features and delivering a pleasant experience for our users, customers and partners. We brought the Duo organization under Javier Soltero’s leadership in May, and it follows that we’re watching ways in which our video calling products can improve alongside each other ,” a Google representative told 9to5Google.

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