Google Duo Now Has Invite Links for Group Video Calls Like Zoom


INTRO: As a part of its continuing efforts to get feature parity with Zoom, Google Duo is now letting the users add others to group calls via a simple link just similar zoom or meet. It is to be believed to have been first reported on by Android Police, the feature has been in the works for a while now. It was originally discovered through an APK teardown in April and is now rolling out via the stable channel on the Play Store.

Google Duo Now Will Create Link That Can Be Shared To Join The Call

As per the report, creating a group in Duo will automatically generate a link that can be shared online. Anyone with a Google account can join the group using the link. People invited to join the group will apparently get the option to see the existing members before joining the call. Do notice that, however, that the feature only works on mobile devices and not on the web client.

You Can Invite People Even When Call Is Active

Meanwhile, you can also invite people to join while a call is active. To do that, users will first have to tap on the menu button (three dots) on the bottom right. From there, they can choose the ‘Share link’ option to get the link and send it to someone else. The invite links are said to be live on Duo v89. However, they’re likely activated server-side, so it might not be available for all users just yet.

Google has been adding a ton of new features continuously to its video-calling app of late. Just last week earlier this month, it added 11 new emojis for users to choose from. A few days earlier, the app rolled out support for e-mail addresses and a Family Mode option.


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