Google Helping To Stop Spread Misinformation During Coronavirus


Google is contributing to preventing the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19. Many casualties have taken place due to coronavirus outbreak. Google Helping Stop Spread Misinformation Regarding Coronavirus.

A dedicated hub was launched by Google to inform people about the coronavirus outbreak. Now Google is helping users to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Google Helping Stop Spread Misinformation Regarding Coronavirus

Google Apps:

Google has added a lot of features in apps. These apps are spreading correct information about the coronavirus outbreak. People have been forwarding fake news on social media platforms without verifying it, and it has caused panic amongst people. To counter this, Google has decided that it will take information from credible sources and then share it with the people of India.

Google and Ministry Of Health And Family Affairs:

Google has made all possible ways to give users only the right information. That’s why Google is working with the Ministry Of Health And Family Affairs. The company is taking the ministry’s advice on what should people do to keep themselves and others around them safe.

Google Helping Stop Spread Misinformation Regarding Coronavirus

Google has launched a website which is now available in Hindi, English, and Marathi. The website will be available in other languages very soon.

Google Helping Stop Spread Misinformation Regarding Coronavirus – Google Apps Helping Indians:

Google is using its applications to help in spreading accurate information. In the recent update, Google added a dedicated shelf for information related to coronavirus. In Google maps, you will be able to view stores and restaurants which provide home deliveries and also all the nearby night shelters. With the Google Pay app, you can check which stores nearby you are open at the moment. Up till now, Google Pay has been used to donate a sum of Rs 105 crore to PM-CARES fund. Google is working hard on listing more credible information for people and in the coming time, will list more shops and restaurants which are providing their services at this time.

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