Google Home & Amazon Echo Will Soon Get Voice Calling Feature

Google Home & Amazon Echo Voice Calling Feature

If you’re techie, you must have heard or used Google Home & Amazon Echo smart speakers. If you didn’t, then read here & here. According to the latest of report of Wall Street Journal, it seems that Google Home & Amazon Echo will soon get voice calling functionalities.

Couple of users are requesting about Voice calling feature in these speakers, as they are only lacking voice calling. Apart from that, these speakers works pretty cool and having a lot of functionalities inbuilt.

Google Home & Amazon Echo Voice Calling Feature

Google Home & Amazon Echo Voice Calling Feature

Finally, this facility could be most probably, added to these devices by end of the year 2017.

Both the smart home speakers have ability to respond on users queries. Even these speakers are ready to sing a song for you. Really smart, isn’t it?

For instance, when it comes to privacy issue, telecom regulations, access to emergency services and user experience, companies is still thinking about all that.

These both devices records conversations to enable AI responses or you can say to given best user experience. For this matter, both the companies are contemplating that whether users want to speak on a device or not which record conversations.

Both, Google Home & Amazon Echo would most probably use voice over internet protocol tech (VoIP) to add this functionalities. These speakers might use third-party VoIP system, such as Skype for the upcoming feature of voice calling.

Google Home & Amazon Echo works pretty similar to Google Assistant, which is for Pixel devices.


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