Google Is Working on Assistant Chat Heads for Android 11

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INTRO: With Android 11 moving toward its last discharge date, Google is likely working diligently applying the final details to its most recent working framework. Android 11 accompanies a lot of new highlights and upgrades, including ‘Air pockets’ for warnings. Furthermore, presently it appears that Google is attempting to make an Assistant encounter for Android 11’s Bubble warnings.

Google is working on 'Assistant Chat Head' [APK Insight] - 9to5Google

The reasonable new element was seen by 9to5Google in an APK teardown. As indicated by the report, they discovered two lines of code alluding to the new Assistant Chat Head in the most recent beta of the Google application.

<string name=”opa_chat_head_dismiss_content_description”>Assistant Chat Head dismissal area</string>

<string name=”opa_chat_head_tutorial”>”Tap to talk to your Assistant.\nDrag to move or dismiss.”</string>

As is apparent from these strings, Google is likely going to consider this interface a ‘Right hand Chat Head’, and it will basically act like each other air pocket warning that you may find in Android 11.

Truth be told, 9to5Google had the option to empower the usefulness for themselves and see what it resembles in its present status. As indicated by the report, the visit head shows the Assistant logo on a white foundation. Notwithstanding, tapping on it right now dispatches the Assistant the manner in which it in any case does with the Hey Google hotword. It’s indistinct if Google is going to keep it along these lines or not. In any case, it appears to be almost certain that getting to the Assistant from the talk head will have a different interface.

Actually, I’m uncertain about whether having another interface for the Google Assistant is a smart thought. In any case, it fits in with the utilization case that Bubbles were intended for, as in it will make it simpler for clients to pose conversational inquiries of the Assistant.

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