Google Maps Now Organises Saved Places into Categories

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INTRO: Google Maps is improving the Saved tab with the latest update. The update is primarily focused on enhancing the usability of the feature with neat reminders. Saved tab now includes three sections namely Recently saved, Nearby saved and Visited.

Thanks to this revamp, Google Maps will now organize all of your recently saved places at the highest of the Saved tab for quick access. Moreover, Maps will add a carousel of saved places during a ‘Recently saved’ section, as you’ll see below:

google maps saved places

If you have switched on the location permissions, Google Maps will automatically sort the nearby saved places by distance so that you can easily plan your trip accordingly. This should are available handy, especially for 1-day visits.

google maps saved places distance

Another feature being added may be a section for previously visited places. This is along side insights regarding the travel distance organized by time, city, region, or country. Again, the feature only works if you have turned on Location History.

google maps visited places

Although people are relying quite less on Google Maps these days due to the pandemic, the company notes that users still utilize the Saved tab to wishlist places. According to Google, people have saved quite 7 billion places on Google Maps.

The top 10 most saved places in Maps are Eiffel Tower , Louvre , Kiyomizu-dera, Colosseum, La Sagrada Familia, Fushimi Inari Taisha, Arc de Triomphe, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Buckingham Palace . Also, rising categories in saved places are national forests, rivers, frozen dessert shops, farms, coffee berry stores, waterfalls, rest shops, bike stores, free parking lots, and RV parks.

Google is rolling out these changes on Maps today. However, in typical Google fashion, it’d take a couple of days before it reaches your smartphone.

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