Google Maps Now Supports Apple Watch and CarPlay Dashboard

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INTRO: Google has announced two major changes with Google Maps on Apple devices. The software giant is bringing back the Google Maps app for Apple Watch and has added support for Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard.

“With compatibility for Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard and a replacement app for the Apple Watch, people using iOS devices can safely and simply navigate with Google Maps right from their car or wrist,” wrote the corporate during a blog post.

Google Maps on Apple Watch

Google discontinued its Maps app for Apple Watch back in 2017. When Google pulled the Apple Watch app of Maps, the corporate had promised to bring it back sometime within the future. Google will roll out the new Maps app worldwide within the coming weeks.

With this Maps app, Apple Watch users can get step-by-step directions and estimated arrival times for his or her saved destinations (Home, Work, and other shortcuts). For other destinations, you’ll start the navigation on your phone and devour where you left off on your Apple Watch.

Google Maps on CarPlay Dashboard

It now supports controlling media playback and calendar notifications without leaving turn-by-turn navigation, because of Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard. All the extra information will appear during a split-screen view, as you’ll see below.

Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard was first introduced with iOS 13. Until iOS 13.4, Apple limited CarPlay Dashboard to Apple Maps. According to the blog post, Maps is compatible with CarPlay Dashboard on all CarPlay supported vehicles. Google Maps on the CarPlay Dashboard will arrive in the week with a subsequent iOS updates.

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