Google Maps Will Now Show How Busy a Place Is in Real-Time

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INTRO: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the precautions you need to take to curb the spread is regularly washing hands, wearing a mask, and maintaining a safe distance from others. Well, Google Maps will help you with one of these by now telling you how busy a place or business is when you go out.

Google calls it busyness updates and has offered the feature for a few years now. It can roughly predict the amount of individuals at a particular location and show whether the place is busier than usual or not. At the ‘Search On 2020’ virtual event, the company announced that it’s expanding the use of this feature to now show real-time updates right on the map and in AR-backed Live View.

Busyness Updates, as Google Calls It

As seen within the screenshot below, you not got to tap on the companies name to ascertain how busy they’re at the instant . Google Maps will now directly show whether a said business or location is ‘busier than usual’, ‘as busy because it gets’ or ‘not busy’ right within the map view. These busyness indicators are displayed under the business name.
So, if you are planning to step out, you can preemptively know whether your favorite restaurant is crowded or not. You can take appropriote measures to take care of social distancing or reach before usual.

google maps live busyness info

In addition, Google Maps will show real-time busyness indicators when you’re moving towards your destination. You will see a ‘Live’ tag at the very top and it will update in real-time. That’s not all though. The company has also baked this feature in its AR Live View feature.

If you are out and about, you can jump into Live View and point at restautrants and shops to see whether they are open, their hygiene measures, and of course, how busy they are. You can prefer to wait out or pick a special store to grab your essential if the shop you always visit is crowded.

Now, when will you be able to try out this feature? The company says that busyness indicators will go live on Google Maps “very soon” and it will be available both on iOS and Android.

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