Google Maps Working on Adding Language Changer, Assistant Driving Mode Still in the Works


INTRO: Google Maps has seen a lot of updates throughout the most recent few months, however, one of the highlights that we realize the organization is dealing with and presently can’t seem to see with our own eyes is the Assistant Driving Mode.

This component, which was first reported route back at Google I/O 2019, is as yet lost without a trace. now with, an APK teardown from the XDA engineers has unveiled more insight into what’s new with the driving mode, and the other new updates that the company has been taking a shot at for the pervasive planning application.

Google Maps 10.53.1 prepares to add a language changer and Google Assistant  driving mode

First of all, the teardown uncovered strings alluding to a component that will permit clients to change the interface language in Google Maps. This is a component that is at present accessible in the web form of Google Maps, so it won’t be completely astonishing to see it advance over to cell phones.

Different strings seen in the code notice the Assistant Driving Mode itself, and the great people over at XDA had the option to separate screen captures of the new driving mode, or possibly the onboarding cycle for it.

The new language changer or the Assistant Driving Mode is as yet not live in the Google Maps, and these perceptions were made dependent on an APK teardown of the Maps application. It’s impossible to tell when or if these highlights will advance into a creation work of the Google Maps application, so stay tuned for additional updates.

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