Google May Soon Support Stadia via Safari on iPhones and iPads


INTRO: Google seems to possess finally taken the Amazon route because it has started performing on adding official Stadia support for iPhones and iPads via the Safari browser. The news comes just after Apple reinstated third-party app Stadium (lets you play Stadia on iPhone/iPad) on the App Store.

YouTube channel Gem Stadia first spotted evidence regarding Google’s work to support Stadia via Safari within the ASCII text file of Stadia’s web app. “New! Play on this browser – Gameplay here remains in development. As we test performance and add more features, your feedback will help us improve the Stadia experience for everybody ,” reads the outline.

Google officially supporting Stadia on iPhones and iPads via Safari will probably put Stadium out of business, which currently mimics Google Chrome because the user agent. However, Stadium is your friend until that happens. It is worth applauding the efforts of Zach Knox – the developer behind Stadium whose contribution restored hopes of Stadia access to iPhone users.

As mentioned earlier, Google shifting focus to prioritize development on Stadia web app for Safari browser through WebKit doesn’t come as a surprise, especially since that’s exactly what Amazon did with its cloud gaming service Luna, which is now in early access.
With all that said, do confine mind that Google has not provided a timeline on when it’s getting to officially support Stadia via Safari. In fact, the corporate has not even officially confirmed its plans. If Google doesn’t face any major hurdles within the implementation, we could expect that to happen within the coming weeks.

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