Google Opinion Rewards Is Now Available in India: Earn Free Google Play Credits

Google opinion rewards

Finally, Google made it available in India. Yes, the Google Opinion Rewards is available in India. Basically, what this app does is pretty simple, it takes you through small and simple surveys and after completing that, you get rewarded with few cents.

The money which will be rewarded to you for participating in those surveys can be redeemed via Google Play Store. Means, you can purchase an application from Google Play Store with that money.

The application has a pretty simple interface and not every time there’s a survey for you. Whenever Google wants your suggestion they will give you a pop-up notification for that and you will then follow that instruction to complete the survey.

Not only as a shake of the survey, they care about your opinion. Last year, Google asked about the name of the upcoming Android version N that what it be called. Possibly, the name of the Android N should be chosen one user’s opinion and named Nougat.

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How to Earn Free Google Play Credits Using Google Opinion Rewards App?

  • Download the Google Opinion Rewards App from Google Play Store.
  • Sign up on the app choosing you existing Google account.
  • Once done, go back to the home.
  • You will get a survey pop-up which is an example survey as you’re a first time user.
  • Complete that and then you will see a message like,

    Thank You for Signing up for Google Opinion Rewards. We’ll send you a notification when you’re approved to answer surveys.

  • That’s it. You’re done, now wait for few hours and start answering surveys.

How to Purchase Paid Apps For Free Using Google Opinion Rewards Earned Credits?

Once you start answering surveys, you will be awarded free Google play credits. Once you have reached to a specific amount which is equal to or more than the price of an application then you can just head over to the app and tap on “Spend your Google Play Credits” to purchase any application fix in the price.

Remember, there’s no minimum withdrawal limit in the app.

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