Google Photos Is Now Best Video Stabilizer App [Update]

Google Photos: Best Video Stabilizer App

Searching for Best Video Stabilizer App? Your search is over. You may have alternatives but this one is by Google.

Stabilizing a video without using equipments such as Tripod, Selfie Sticks, etc. is not so easy and all the stuffs used to make the video stable are costly. Well, don’t worry. There are some cool softwares such as Adobe Premier Pro which has this features, but what about those who don’t own a PC and not having bucks to buy the software.

Thanks to Google Photos, which has now added video stabilization feature in their Android app. This app is now added to the list of one of the best video stabilizer app.

Though, it isn’t that good as computer softwares but still we can use it to stabilize our shaky videos.

Google has recently launched an update for this app, where they have added video stabilization feature inside it.

Best Video Stabilizer App = Google Photos?

As a vlogger, I always test out apps which will help me to improve my video quality. Basically, I use tripod but sometimes just handheld too.

The video comes out is shaky and looks full stupid but stabilizing that video even given fully cinematic experience. I was using a different Android app for the same but in that application, I need to crop the video once they have done with stabilizing. That’s why, I hate that app.

Now, Google Photos works pretty well in comparison with that but it’s also not able to do the job perfectly.

Anyways, you can always use this application to stabilize your shaky videos.

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Download Best Video Stabilizer app; Google Photos Now!

I think, it will be pre-installed in your phone. You just need to update this by following below link.

Update or Download Google Photos Now

How to Stabilize Your Smartphone Videos Using Google Photos Android App

The process to do this is pretty simple. Firstly, you need to select a video you want to make stable, or if you don’t have one you can shoot a new one.

  • Open Google Photos App from your phone.
  • Scroll through your photos and videos and choose the video which you want to make stable.
  • Click on the pencil icon from the all four icons.
  • There will be two options left; STABILIZE & ROTATE.
  • Hit on Stabilize and that’s it.
  • It will be done in seconds and now you can save that stabilize video.

Install Google Photos, best video stabilizer app now

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