Google Photos Getting More Powerful Video Editor on iOS


INTRO: Google Photos could also be performing on a replacement editing interface on Android, but the app isn’t leaving iOS behind either. The Photos app on iOS now features a more powerful video editor than it did before.

 Video Editor within Google Photos

If you are trying and edit a video within Google Photos now, you’ll see options like adjust clip length, adding filters, and more. It now even offers granular controls for lighting, and color as you’ll see within the screenshots below.

google photos iphone video editing options

Lastly, there’s the crop feature as well. Similar to most other iOS video editors (including the iOS Photos app’s built-in video editor), this feature will allow you to either crop in free-form, otherwise you can choose a preset. These presets are great for times when you need to ensure your video is in a perfect 1:1 or 4:3 aspect ratio.

google photos new video editor ios crop feature

As we have mentioned, the options here aren’t much of a game-changer considering the iOS Photos app already has these video editing features. However, if you’re someone who uses Google Photos as their primary gallery app on iPhone or iPad, this is often definitely something that will excite you.

In case you’re not seeing the new editor on your iOS device you ought to check for an update within the App Store. The feature has been officially added with Google Photos v5.8. So make sure you’re on that version in order to use the feature.

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