Google Pixel 4a Camera Review Showcases the Phone’s Capability

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INTRO: Before a few days the expected unboxing of the Pixel 4a, via the Cuban tech blog, TecnoLike Plus, all blogs had shared an early camera review of the phone, which consisted of several camera samples from the device, which was giving us an extensive look at its imaging credentials.

12.3 MegaPixel Camera with Sony IMX363 Sensor

According to the reports, it confirmed the exact specifications of the phone’s camera hardware thing, which included a single 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor at the back with an f/1.73 lens aperture and 1.4µm pixel size, along with this an 8MP Sony IMX355 sensor at the front side with an f/2.0 lens aperture lens and 1.14µm pixel size.

Supports HDR+ and Washes Out Overexposing

The device camera configuration supports HDR+, which makes it clear for photographs with pretty decent details in the shadows without washing-out or overexposing the brightly-lit areas in the pictures, as it can be seen from the outdoor shots mentioned below. These published camera samples also include some portrait mode samples from both of the front and rear cameras, and the software looks quite to be doing a decent job of detecting the edges and unruly hair without looking too much artificial.

If we see it in the whole scenario, the colors also look vibrant without being over-saturated, and there are no visible chromatic aberrations and any kind of noise levels are at a minimum even in dimly-lit indoor scene snaps. The zoomed-in macro shots also seem to capture a striking amount of details for what is, after all, the digital zoom on mid-range imaging hardware. The most impressive thing to be noticed in the shots are the ones that capture the starry night skies using the Astrophotography mode which was originally introduced with the Pixel 4 in the last year. The images seem to have great detail with a very little hint of noise.

The front camera also takes some nice shots as well, with the current report it actually suggests that they may be in line with all the selfies from the Pixel 4.In any of the way, do note that the Pixel 4a used to take them as mentioned before images were running a pre-release firmware build, although it did have the latest version of the Google Camera app (v7.3.021.300172532).

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