Google Play Movies Adding Support for Dolby Vision HDR: Report


INTRO: Earlier having added support for 4K HDR back in 2017, now Google Play Movies is offering content in Dolby Vision HDR. It is to be believed to have been first noticed by FlatPanels HD services, Google Play Movies is now offering ‘Joker’ and ‘A Simple Favor’ in Dolby Vision HDR.

Google Play Movies Now Supporting Dolby Vision HDR

Google Play Movies Adding Support for Dolby Vision HDR: Report ...

According to the report, both of the movies are listed with Dolby Vision HDR support on the platform. The thing to be noticed is that the feature is only available on compatible Android TV devices. Also, it is not immediately clear if it’s being rolled out globally to all Play Movies subscribers.

It is worth to be noticed that Google, earlier this year, had announced plans to add 4K HDR10+ support in Play Movies. So it is a bit surprising for all of us to see the company add Dolby Vision support before bringing HDR10+ to the platform.

Apple TV Already Supports Dolby Vision

Either of the ways, Google Play Movies is not the first streaming platform to offer support for Dolby Vision. Apple TV and Vudu have been offering movies in the format for a while now. Apple, in fact, offers as many as 616 titles with support for Dolby Vision on its streaming platform.

Google Play Movies starts adding films w/ Dolby Vision HDR support ...

It’s worth noting that Dolby Vision is the clear leader in the dynamic metadata HDR format war against HDR 10+. Two of three founding members of the HDR10+ organization, Panasonic and 20th Century Fox, ditched the format in favor of Dolby Vision recently.

However, HDR10+ has also gained some new members of late. Smartphone vendors, Xiaomi Oppo and OnePlus, have all of the announced plans to incorporate the technology in their phones going forward. Brands like Onkyo and Pioneer also plan to offer the new technology, presumably through their AV receivers.


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