Google Play Music Is Finally Shutting down for Many Users


INTRO: Earlier in August, Google officially announced its plans to pack up the Google Play Music service by the top of the year. While the company already deprecated Google Play Music Store last week, the official Google Play Music app on Android, iOS, and the web is no longer working in several regions.

Now, the landing page on the web reads – “Google Play Music is not any longer available. You can transfer your account and library, including playlists and uploads, for a limited time.”

If you’re a lively Play Music user, there’s still ample time left to download or transfer your music library. Google will automatically delete all the remaining music and data once the shutdown process is complete.

Google Play Music Is Finally Shutting down for Many Users | Beebom

In typical Google fashion, some still have access to it, while a majority of others are completely locked out. On my end, the Android app still works but i used to be unable to play songs from the online version of Google Play Music.
As Android Police reports, there seems to be a workaround to keep using Google Play Music for now, which involves uninstalling app updates and moving to an old version of the app. However, that probably won’t last long.

Now that Google Play Music is taking its last breath, this may be an honest time to modify to at least one of the alternatives out there. Of course, there is Google’s own YouTube Music but my personal pick would be either Apple Music or Spotify. If you’re in India, you should totally check out our recent article on the best music streaming services in the country to pick the one that suits your needs.

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