Google Play Store Testing a New ‘Compare Apps’ Section

Google Play Store

INTRO: Following a test that involves removing the hamburger menu, Google is testing a replacement feature to point out direct comparisons between similar apps on Google Play Store to assist users to choose the app that suits their use-case.

As spotted by Android Police, Google has added a replacement ‘Compare apps’ section within the app listing page. This section shows an in-depth feature comparison between apps that serve an equivalent purpose. For instance, if you visit the VLC player‘s page, Play Store will compare the app’s features with other popular media player apps like MX Player and KM Player.

Notably, the comparison is completed during a categorized fashion. In this case, you will see various categories such as ease of use, ability to play offline, supported video quality, casting, and more. Take a glance at the feature in action below:

Much like the previous hamburger menu removal test, this new compare section isn’t widely rolling out just yet. In addition, the test seems to be limited to media players for now. That may or might not expand within the coming weeks, counting on Google’s commitment to the present feature.

Although not as sophisticated as this upcoming compare apps section, Google Play currently offers a ‘Similar apps’ section. If Google has plans to widely expand this feature, we could expect the corporate to eventually replace the Similar apps section with this Compare apps section.

According to the report, the Compare apps section was spotted on version 22.4.28 of the Play Store. It was not available once I checked on my phone running version 22.4.25 of the shop . Let us know if it is live for you in the comments.

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