Google Ready To Bring Physical Debit Cards For Payments

Google Ready Bringing Physical Debit Cards Payments

Apple is one of the most popular credit cards available in the market. Google Ready Bringing Physical Debit Cards Payments.

What You Can Do With Apple Cards:

Apple card has great functionalities and features. You can track your expenditures accurately with an app using this card. You can even make purchases and make payments too.

According to reports, Google is also ready to bring its first physical debit card in the market. Users would be able to use this card to complete payments as well.

Google Ready Bringing Physical Debit Cards Payments

Google Ready Bringing Physical Debit Cards Payments – How The Card Will Function:

The card would be connected with an app on your phone, which will track your spendings regularly. You can check your card balance with the app as well.

Google’s Physical Card Will Have A Chip:

Google’s physical card will be co-branded with financial institutions. This physical card will also have a chip.

Google’s Co-Branding Companies:

At present, Citigroup and Stanford Federal Credit Union are the two financial institutions that will be included in Google’s physical card project.

Google Ready Bringing Physical Debit Cards Payments

Drawbacks Of Apple Cards:

Apple’s credit card is backed with companies like Goldman Sachs, and Mastercard. But the main drawback of Apple credit card is it doesn’t provide any cashback or offers like that.

Financial Markets:

Tech giants are on the move for creating financial services. Apple launched Apple Card in August, last year. Now Google is coming out with its card. At the same time, the social media giant, Facebook is also working on creating its financial product named Libra. It is a cryptocurrency. Facebook is trying to create a similar product such as PayPal, but it will be only for cryptocurrency. Google’s physical debit card would be a rival to the Apple Card, or not will only be apparent with time. But for now, there are no indications from Google for creating a credit card. Google has said that it will reveal more information about the same in the coming few months.

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