Google Scraps Feature For Donating Money to Blogs and Publishers

Google Scraps Feature Donates Money Blogs Publishers

Google has come up with a proposal that will enable netizens to donate money to their favorite blogs and publishers to help publishers, journalists, and articles. Google Scraps Feature Donates Money Blogs Publishers.

Google Tool Under Constructions:

The Google tool which was under construction last year is now all ready to allow readers to donate money. Readers can make a one-time donation of rupees $.20 to rupees $5. This will help publishers and content creators to continue their work during this pandemic.

This tool was a part of Google contributor a service that lets people pay to remove ads from partnered websites.

Google Scraps Feature Donates Money Blogs Publishers

The Tool Introduces Tipping Options For Websites:

According to TechCrunch, Google had already created design mock-ups that showed the tipping option for sites, such as The New York Times, Wired and TechCrunch itself.

Donations Of Rupees $.20 To $5:

Screenshots of the tipping feature reveal the options to make one-time donations of $0.20 to $5 to help support sites.

It isn’t very clear, but Google has charged 10 percent commission it levies on all donations made by contributors through this Google tool.

Other Features:

Google has admitted that it was working on the aforementioned feature but says it eventually decided to focus on other services.

Google Scraps Feature Donates Money Blogs Publishers

Google Scraps Feature Donates Money Blogs Publishers – What Google Had To Say:

The company said that there isn’t a single model that works for all companies or all publishers. They also said it is critical to explore new technologies that can help publishers to make more money. So funding choice is a great way to help the publishers and content creators. This will also help in supporting their monetization strategies.

This Google tool will help many publishers as many events are being canceled and publishers have to layoff their staffs due to the coronavirus pandemic. As all businesses are shut down, Google ads are falling drastically which is hurting bloggers, news sites, and publishers.

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