Google Tests Message Scheduling Feature with Select Users; Here’s How It Works


INTRO: In the wake of turning out RCS and categories highlight to cut help cut through the messiness prior this week in India, Google Messages has now begun testing another much-mentioned ‘message scheduling’ include with select users.

First spotted by Twitter client Sai Reddy (through XDA), the capacity of this feature is simple. Google Messages will presently let you plan writings to be sent at a specific date and time. All scheduled texts will be shown with a clock symbol close to them. It will likewise convey a ‘scheduled message’ tag at the base. It will give you three alternatives — send now, refresh, or erase the message.

The entirety of the means to plan an SMS in Google Messages have been clarified down underneath. Give it a read and test out if the element is live for you.

google messages scheduling feature

Google Messages Scheduling Feature

How to Schedule SMS in Google Messages?

Note: This element is presently accessible to few users in the Google Messages beta update.

1. Open the conversation window and type the message you need to ship off a companion or relative.

2. Presently, long-press the ‘SMS’ catch to see the new ‘Schedule Message’ window spring up. It will give you a couple of presets however you can choose the date and time when you need the message to be sent. Tap the ‘Save’ button once you input the ideal date and time.

3. You will see a tag with the date and time over the message box. You can basically hit the send button currently to plan the message.

4. Google Messages gives you the choice to ‘update’ the planned message, erase the message, or send it immediately. You can see these choices in the picture underneath.

google messages schedule options

Currently, this feature is available to some selected users only. you can check for your device by following the steps mentioned above. Tell us your views about this new update and how useful this update is for you.


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