Google Unifies Its Messaging and Communication Apps Under a Single Team


INTRO: Last October, Google hired Microsoft’s former corporate vice president for Cortana – named Javier Soltero as VP for the G Suite tools. According to the reports the company has unified its consumer and business-based messaging teams by placing Soltero as the in charge of Messages, Duo, and Android’s phone app.

 Google spokesperson told The Verge.

“We are now bringing all of Google’s collective or grouped communication products together under one leader and that unified team will be handled or led by Javier Soltero, VP and GM of G Suite”.

VP Javier Soltero, however, will also continue being a part of the Cloud team. “Javier will be freezed in the google Cloud team, but he will also join the leadership team under Hiroshi Lockheimer, who is the SVP of Platforms and Ecosystems. More of this update, that there are no other changes to the personnel teams or individuals and Hiroshi will continue to play a significant and important role in our ongoing partnership efforts.”, the spokesperson added.

Google’s Coherent Vision for Applications

As according to the reports, this latest move is part of Google’s “coherent vision” for messaging apps. “It is not significantly a bad thing that there are available multiple communications applications if they’re for a different purpose individually. But what might be confusing, will be what we’ve done to confuse everyone, is our history and around some of our communications products that have gone from one place or another place.”, stated by Google’s officer Hiroshi Lockheimer

The news has come just after a few weeks after the company rebranded the Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat to Google Meet and Google Chat respectively. It also said According to the reports, Google has no immediate or sudden plans for changing or integrating any existing Google apps. Vp said, “We totally believe that people make their choices around the products that they use for their specific purposes.”


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