Google Will Now Display a List of Authorized Vaccines in Search Results


INTRO: Google has been at the forefront of developing meaningful COVID-related features across its products including a COVID layer in Maps, COVID-related health and safety precautions in Google Travel, to name a few. The company’s latest feature addition to Google Search is a list of authorized vaccines at your location.

Vaccine Information in Google Search

Starting within the uk , Google has partnered with health authorities to point out authorized vaccines within the user’s location. Furthermore, the company promises to expand the availability of the feature to more countries when health authorities begin authorizing vaccines.

Once available, you’ll see a ‘vaccines’ panel in Google Search. You can see more details about the vaccine once you tap thereon . This is not the primary time Google is using such panels in Google Search. The company took a similar approach to showcase COVID-19 information and to help users find testing centers.
Image: Google

“Communities will be vaccinated at an unprecedented pace and scale. This will require sharing information to teach the general public , including addressing vaccine misperceptions and hesitance, and helping to surface official guidance to people on when, where and the way to get vaccinated,” says Karen DeSalvo, MD, M.P.H, Chief Health Officer

Google Health and Kristie Canegallo, Google’s VP of Trust & Safety.
In its blog post, Google notes that users viewed COVID-19 information panels on YouTube over 400 billion times ever since the company introduced the feature this March. If this figure is any indication, the new vaccine panel will help curb the spread of misinformation on a massive scale.

Google also highlights how it offered $250 million in Ad Grants to over 100 government agencies across the world . Agencies used this fund to help spread crucial COVID-related public service announcements. The company also offered $6.5 million to support COVID-19 related fact-checking initiatives and has now added a $1.5 million fund to support the creation of COVID-19 Vaccine Media Hub, a fact-checking research initiative by the Australian Science Media Centre.

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