Google’s Transfer Tool For Play Music And YouTube Music Is Available


Google has been focusing on YouTube Music for quite some time now. The company has been upgrading the music platform, YouTube Music, by adding features like a redesigning if Now Playing screen. Recently Google has announce a new transfer tool that will help users to transfer music in their play music library directly to the YouTube library.

Google’s Transfer Tool  PlayMusic

Earlier Google announced that Google’s Transfer Tool PlayMusic feature will roll out for Android users gradually. This facility will let users transfer Play Music content to the YouTube Play library in just a single tap. In case if you have large contents to be transferred, the process will continue in the background and will let you know by sending a mail.

Although according to Google, the tool will be available to a few users as of now, many users haven’t got their hands on the tool. Though Google is taking requests from users to let them have an early access pass. This early access tools will help them to access Google’s Transfer Tool PlayMusic.

Google’s Transfer Tool  PlayMusic

You can now fill out the form by providing them your email ID where they can send you notifications. The email address should be the one with which your Play Music is connected and your country and submit it to get a chance to use the transfer tool earlier than other users. However, filling out the form does not guarantee that you will get access. If you do, you will get a corresponding notification in your Play Music or YouTube Music app, as well as your email.

Google’s Transfer Tool  PlayMusic

However, Google has not launched the feature till now but you can have early access and get an idea of how Google’s Transfer Music will work. The pass does not guarantee you that you will get early access to the Transfer Music.

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