GoPro Hero 8 Launched: Buy Now Online, GoPro Hero 7 Vs Hero 8


GoPro hero 8 black and GoPro max action camera launched. Gopro has launched its eighth edition of its popular action camera, the GoPro hero 8 black. This camera will freight from 15 October 2019 and per-order are being taken down at an amount of $399. In India this action camera will cost Rs.36,500.

GoPro Hero 8 New Features & How to Buy Online

• A all in one camera, it is a full action camera with 360 degrees.
• Gopro hero 8 black has fresh design and improved junction.
• The camera will go sale in October. Arrival of mods will arrive in December.
• Gopro hero 8 also supports optional mods which let you attach a shotgun microphone or additional LED light.

GoPro Hero 8 Buy Online

The launch price is same as the Hero 7 black when it was launched but still GoPro Hero 8 comes with better improvements.

The hero 8 black has two fingers/flaps at its base which can be opened upto point downwards. When the flaps are not in use they can be flipped up to lie flush with GoPro hero 8 black body and are held together by magnets.

Those old times are gone in which you have to remove and insert the battery and micro sD card, now they are placed inside only. Along with this, the user interface has been refurbished and now do a few taps and get your things done as promised by GoPro.

You can shoot upto 4K footage at 60 fps and with hyper smooth 2.0 feature, get the footages glazed as you want.

Now you can attach LED lights or flip-flop screen and shoot your vlogs. It comes with the preset for different resolution and frame rates, you can also add your own frame.

GoPro hero 8 black supports upto 10 preset at a time, this heightens up the process of changing between different resolution and frame rates.

Hypersmooth 2.0 builds up the righteousness which was also offered by the hero 7 black. The hypersmooth 2.0 gives the option to set it to high or turn the boost mode which gives an extra refurbished image with a crop factor.

Another feature from GoHero 7 Black which has been brought back to GoHero 8 Black is Time wrap, which inescapably adjusts the speed of the footage given on the data which is being captured by camera’s custom GP1 sensor.

Now tap on the display in between the time wrap to capture real-time footage to focus on anything.

One of the feature which is also present in Apple iPhone, Google pixel’s motion is “Live Burst feature” which can shoot a 1.5 sec video before and after you took a image, providing you the option to choose the right frame from 90 of those captured in 3 second interval.

GoPro will soon be releasing smattering of mods that will click where the door goes. A media mods adds higher- quality shotgun style microphone , a 3.5 mm mic port and two cold- shoes.

In these cold shoes you can slot a display mod, 200 lumen LED “light mod”. The light might be waterproof and can be used separately from the camera but the waterproof capabilities will be lost when the media mode is on.

GoPro Hero 8 Price in India

The Hero 8 Black will be available from October 20 for a price of Rs. 36,500. This time, GoPro isn’t launching a Hero 8 Silver or Hero 8 White version of the camera, like it did last year. The mods for the Hero 8 will be available for pre-order in December.

These include the Light Mod for $49.99 (roughly Rs. 3,540); Display Mod for $79.99 (roughly Rs. 5,680), and a Media Mod for $79.99 (roughly Rs. 5,680).

Source : GadgetsNDTV

How to Buy GoPro Hero 8 Online in India

GoPro Hero 8 is currently not available for sale in India. It will be live for pre order from December 2019, we will update the link in here to shop.


• Images are more stabilized than before.
• New mods attachment provide more ambiderterity.
• New design doesn’t require special housing for mounds.

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