GTA Parent Company to Release 93 Games Starting 2021


INTRO: While GTV 5 continues to dominate the market, despite incepting the market almost 7 years ago, the parent company of its GTA developers has finally announced to release the next-gen games very soon.

Take-Two Interactive Company Going to Release 93 Games Soon

According to the reports, in a recent meeting with all the investors, Take-Two Interactive, who is the parent company of Rockstar Games has talked about the “strongest pipeline in its history”, which is the for obvious the gaming industry of course. The company also confirmed to release a total of 93 games in the upcoming future. The company specifically said that the current fiscal year will be “light” in terms of game releases for everybody.

There will be 93 games in Take Two in 5 years, “GTA6” is still in ...

But, from the fiscal year 2022, that is post-March 2021, the company will start working on the titles of the upcoming games and then it will start bombarding the gaming market. Now, the listing of the 93 titles will include all the games the developer companies under Take-Two Interactive creates. All of this means the list will range from the regular mobile games to major GTA AAA title games.

Core Games, Mid- Core Games, & Casual/Arcade games

Daniel Ahmad, who is a videogames industry analyst, has also revealed the categories of the to-be-released games. In a tweet, Ahmad shared how many titles will be there in each of the categories. According to videogame analyst, the games line-up will somehow be like this, and it will include 63 “core experiences” games, 17 “mid-core games” and 13 “casual/arcade” titles. Now, we have no information whether this line-up includes the upcoming GTA VI from Rockstar Games or not is unknown at the moment.

As we all know five years is quite a long period of time, and the target of releasing 93 games is a very huge task in hand for the game developers. And it is just like the reveal of the PS5 games line-up, So now we just have to wait and watch what Take-Two Interactive has in their mind map of next-gen video games.


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