Here’s a Simple Trick to Exit Full-Screen YouTube Videos Quickly

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INTRO: YouTube has been getting a lot of features of late, like the integration of Google Search results alongside videos and the new video chapters feature.

Simple Trick to Exit Full-Screen YouTube Videos Quickly

Along with these features, Google added another pretty nifty feature that went under the radar. This feature allows a user to exit the full-screen view of a video on the YouTube app with a single swipe. Prior to this gesture, when in full-screen mode, users needed to tap that tiny square at the bottom right corner. This was pretty inconvenient as most of the time, instead of tapping the square icon, users mistakenly tapped on the seek-bar and skip to the end of the video.

Now, coming back to the handy gesture, what you can do is, while watching a video on the app, can simply swipe down from anywhere on the screen to exit the full-screen view. With this feature, users, who generally keep auto-rotate off, can now easily exit the full-screen mode without the hassle of precisely tapping the square button at the bottom corner. So, go on and give it try. If it does not work for you, try updating the app from the Play Store or the App Store.

Now, as the feature is still in its early stages, the UI somewhat jitters when exiting the full-screen mode. However, it works just fine and we are sure that Google will fix the visual issues with a future update. Let us know this helped you or not.


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