Here’s How to Access ‘Fresh Start’ in Windows 10 Following the May 2020 Update


INTRO: In a move that has annoyed so many of the users, Microsoft has disabled the ‘Fresh Start’ option but with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. Unlike the Fresh Start, the Reset option does not remove third-party antivirus software and all 3rd party OEM apps. Naturally, there are so many people are complaining about Microsoft ditching the more comprehensive method to get rid of all bloatware in one go.

The Fresh Start option hasn’t completely disappeared from Windows 10. It is to be believed to have been first spotted by Italian blog, HTNovo, the Fresh Start can still be activated in Windows 10. It should enable users to perform a clean re-install of the OS by removing all third-party apps while retaining user-data.

How to Activate ‘Fresh Start’ in Windows 10 After May 2020 Update

  • Right Click on the Start Button and then select Windows PowerShell (admin) from the pop-up menu

  • If you haven’t turned off UAC notifications, you will now have to grant the necessary UAC permission (click on ‘Yes’) to access the PowerShell Window

  • Now, just type the following command: systemreset -cleanpc and press ‘Enter’.

  • While the process is supposed to retain all your data, the best practice dictates that you do a full backup before doing a Fresh Start.

Microsoft has started rolling out the Windows 10 May 2020 Update late in the last month. It brings out many new features, including a chat-based UI for Cortana, and some updates to Virtual Desktops and much more. However, just days after the release, the company started blocking the update on a large number of devices after discovering a series of critical issues which were suffered to some users after updating.

if you’re yet to update your windows, it’s best that you wait a while until the release gets more stable and bugs free.


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